First actions

So I started by filming my dives and the rubbish I collected with a small on-board camera. Without telling anyone, I posted them on a Facebook page that I named: “PROJECT RESCUE OCEAN”.


First subscribers

In this momentum, hundreds of people followed my videos and posts, reaching a thousand subscribers!

I did not expect such enthusiasm at all.


From facebook to association

I then brought all this work to life by creating a real association, while keeping the original name. In two years, more than 6,000 people have subscribed to the page, not counting Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube subscribers.


Raise awareness in school

The aim is to make children aware that certain everyday actions can have a negative impact on flora and fauna. By learning the lifespan of waste in the environment but also the solutions to reduce litter, these children become graduates “rescuers of the oceans”


Cleaning actions

The second objective of the association is to organize pollution control actions involving young people and the general public. No clichés or moralizing phrases: Music, conviviality, discussion and natural awareness are the axes of our events.


recovery of wastes

In underwater clean-ups and on beaches, we encounter unusual waste. The goal is to highlight them, find the origin, the ecological impact but also the solution to avoid finding them in our seabed. We are working on possibilities to recycle certain waste such as wild plastics while being aware that the ideal is to replace them permanently!


They support us and share our values

Jean Dujardin

Laury Thilleman

Bernard Montiel

Shaka Ponk

Guillaume Canet

Pierre augé