5 to 10 years

We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children. (To Saint Exupéry)

 Project Rescue Ocean is an environmental non-profit association of general interest (law 1901).
 The first of our missions is to educate children in schools.

  • our awareness campaigns are free so that all children can benefit from them.
  •  they are carried out by our ambassadors or member volunteers, trained by Project Rescue Ocean.
  •  these sensitizations are fun, adapt according to age and give rise to the award at the end of the session of the “Diploma of ocean rescuers“.




Middle and high school awareness

 We can support you as part of a school project!

 At each age its awareness:

  • as for small classes we can intervene on an ad hoc basis (1 hour to half day) learning eco-citizen actions are often part of the college program, so we can imagine a school project with you.
  •  all ages are concerned and the involvement of children is often a great lesson in good citizenship.
  • organizing a clean-up as part of a school trip is another means of raising awareness.




Other places of intervention

 Be the change you want to see in this world!

 Our awareness campaigns can also be done with children outside of school:

  •  we have carried out actions, for example, in campsites in summer with the teams on site.
  • or in day camps on Wednesdays
  • with sports clubs…

Don’t hesitate to contact us: Project Rescue Ocean gives you the means to take action.


Summer 2020 partnership with Camping le Méditerranée in Vias Plage (34)